Yann Orlarey

Abstract - Embedding the Faust compiler

Faust [Functional Audio Stream] is a functional programming language specifically designed for real-time signal processing and sound synthesis. It consists in a compiler that translates a Faust program into an equivalent imperative program (typically C++, C, Java, etc.), taking care of generating the most efficient code, and various architecture files, providing the glue between the generated code and the external world (audio drivers, GUI, etc.). In this talk I will present an embeddable library version of the Faust compiler and several of its applications, in particular FaustLive. As we will see FaustLive targets live coding and prototyping situations, and attempts to bring together the convenience of a standalone interpreted language with the efficiency of a compiled language.

Short bio

Yann Orlarey is currently scientific director of Grame - Centre National de Création Musicale. His own research is concerned mainly with formal languages for musical composition, and real-time operating systems. He is the co-author with is colleagues Dominique Fober and Stéphane Letz of the Faust programming language.